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According to Dick Bertel, Harold Dorschug (2nd on Left in Front) is the key to this picture. He joined WTIC in 1958. Also all the men in the photo are engineers. "And they all appear as I knew them when they were studio engineers in the '50s and '60s (as opposed to some earlier time in the '40s).  For some reason I think the setting is Avon Old Farms Inn. Perhaps they were celebrating the retirement of one of the transmitter engineers.  Anyway, I'll guess that the picture is ca 1960."

Rear Row:
Len Doughty, Tom Byrnes, Ed Kingsley, John Welch, Fred Edwards, Al Jackson

Front Row:
Charlie Fitzgerald, Harold Dorschug, Clarence Carpenter,  Herman Taylor, Ida Burbank, Wilbur Clancy

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Hugabonne (WTIC Chief Engineer)


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