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Lost, Strayed or Stolen

Following are names or those remembered but for whom we have no address or information. We need your help.

Linda Acker
Brent Anderson
Christine Balboni - Mail returned
Janet Bauer
Christine Clough
Debbie Ryalls Dube
Ann DeBose(sp?)
Howie Epstein, radio engineer but left to go to WNEW NY.
Beth Fallon, News.
Helen Fitzgerald
Christine Foley
George Genrich
William Harris
Barbara Wentworth Howarth
Lani Jurev, FM Announcer.
Chet Keffer
Pamela Kocher
Gail Lawrence - Mail returned
Joan Longo
Mary Katherine Lopez, Record librarian. Mail returned
Daniel J. Maselli
Susan McGovern
Ron Milligan, was Radio news, then CRIS Radio.
Carl S. Noyes - Mail returned
Dick O'Brien, News, pre-1970.
Carol O'Neill
Mike Ogden, Anncr. - Mail returned.
Ernest N. Oliveri
Saundra Parson
Bernard L. Provost
Jack Rankin
Evaristo Rosario
Jan Thomas Shoring
Hoover Sutton,  TV production guy who departed for CBS.
Dennis Switaj, owner of Jamera Camera in New Haven CT?
Gene E. Tomaiuolo
Francis X. Townsend
Nancy Wear
Joanne (Ursin) White
Mary Wimbish
Marnella Wontka
Ann Wurmnest

John R. Ferguson, News, Now retired in South Windsor CT
Leslie O'Grady
Howard T. Smith


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