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Support Personnel

These are the managers who made the decisions, the secretaries who carried them out, and the sales people who paid everyone's' salaries. Names that show as links take you to remembrances.

Maynard  Albert, Promotion writer.
Tom Austin, Sales. Passed away

Bob Barr, Film Edit/Production. Retired and enjoying traveling in an RV!
Chris Balboni, Traffic. Now WFSB Technician. (Lost)

Thayer Gwyn Bennett, Continuity.

Ron Bennett, Accounting, Sales. Passed Away
Eileen Berube, Tour guide.

George Bowe, Vice President. Passed Away.
Richard Bronson, Mail boy. Now Real Estate in Las Vegas NV
Ida Burbank, Asst Secretary of the board of directors.
Passed away
Mary Cargill, Receptionist.
Mary Howarth Cass. Passed Away
Blythe Chaffee.
Brenda Chambers.
Edith Stockwell Chant. Passed away.
Walteer Clemens, Manager, Shipping & receiving. Passed away.
Rufus Coes, Community Activities Director-Constitution Plaza.
Mary (Alexander) Connell. Now retired in West Hartford CT. Passed Away
Joseph Connor, Sales. Passed away
Nancy Cooper, Secretary. Passed away
Frank Corbeil, Now Superintendent Maintenance, Farmington Public Schools.Passed Away
Robert Corbin, Sales. Now retired from Asnuntuck Community College. Passed Away.
Eileen Leonard Cormier.
Irwin Cowper, Vice President TV Sales. Passed away.
Rene Cuff, Continuity.
Pauline Cunningham, Secretary/Producer. Now retired in Port St. Lucie FL
Suzanne Olsson Curtis, Receptionist. Passed away
John DeLisa, Supervisor of Recorded Commercials.
Passed away
Linda Lu (Lawton) Delaney, Secy to Ross Miller 65-70. Passed Away
Sheila Ahern DeManuel.

Gladys Schwab Drew. Worked for Frank Atwood. Passed Away
Zella Dully.
Robert DuFour, Manager of Program Practices-TV. Passed away.
Robert Dunn, Radio sales. 
Bill Dwyer, TV Program Manager. In 1975 went to Greater Hartford Community College (now Capitol CC) as Division Director for Media Services, retired in 1994.
Jo Everett (Jenna) Eaton, Receptionist.

Glen Fisher, Shipping, Mailroom, aide in Newsroom, then TV Sports in FL and OK, now retired

Kathy Flaherty, Public Affairs.
Amanda Flanery, aka Donna Zickwolf, Recorded Commercials, now retired military living in Seattle.
Diane Fody, Secretary.
Barbara French, Secretary. Now owns French's Worldwide Travel in Newington CT
Cynar Gaspar, Computer operator. Passed away.
Jane Lechowicz Giarrosso, Operations Manager. Now retired from UTC-Carrier.
Passed Away
Paul Gionfriddo, Radio copywriter.
James Glenn, Artist.
Marylou Sullivan Gold, Guest relations.
John Green, Data processing manager. Now regional sales manager for Paramount Industries
Jack Guckin, TV Producer-Director. Passed away
Carole Hall, Secretary. Now Teacher.
Nancy Hartwell, Secretary.
Jean Hayes, Secretary.
Gail Hebert, Copywriter.
Jim Hopkins, Continuity Director. Now retired in West Simsbury CT
Sophie Huntley, Secretary. Now retired in Wethersfield CT
Barbara Ingram.
Virginia Jesionka, Record librarian. Passed away
Olive Johnson, Secretary to Station Manager-Radio. Passed away.
Larry Kenfield, Supervisor of Music.
Passed away
Bob King, Asst. Supervisor of Music. Passed Away
Lew Krause, Sales.
Passed away
John Lanzieri, Artist. Passed away
Ruth H. Latamore, Producer "What in the World".
Passed away
Gail Lawrence.
Susan Leroux. Retired in 2008 from AEtna as a communications manager.
John P. Lewis.
Barbara Cope Lounder, Secretary to Ida Burbank, John Hanna, then Chet Keffer. Passed Away
Joy DeCosta Luciani, Secretary.

Don MacGovern, National Sales Manager. Retired in Wethersfield CT. Passed Away

Mary Malcolm-Smith, Secretary.
Mary Ann Mank.
Kathryn Mahoney, Receptionist. Passed Away

Joyce Ribera Mainelli, Clerical.
Jeanne Manning, Now self-employed artist.
Irene Marine, Secretary to Station Manager-TV.

Bill Marks, Radio Production. Passed Away
Nancy Wallace Martens. Continuity Director.
Charles Marshall, Facilities Maintenance.
Margaret Kershaw McCartan.
Joe McGuinness, Radio sales. Now Radio sales.
Passed Away
Monica McKenna, TV Traffic. Now retired from newspapers, Monica is working on a master's in criminal justice at
  Curry College in Worcester.
Betty Miller, Secretary. Travel business in West Hartford CT
Paul Morency, President and CEO. Passed away

Fran Mulcahy, Executive Secretary Passed Away

Bruce Murray, Film editor, Studio crew.
Doris Norczyk, Secretary.
Maureen O'Connor, Secretary.
Eileen O'Leary, Secretary. Passed away
Doreen Oates, Secretary. Retired in 2006 from AEtna a senior corporate writer.
Angela Radnazzo Parr, Secretary. Now Adm Secretary Hartford Superior Court
Reyna Paiola, Community Affairs. Retired back to Uruguay
Harry Parcell, TV Producer. Passed away (1973).
Leonard J. Patricelli, "Pat" was President and CEO. Passed away
Elizabeth Pattee-Snow, Secretary. Passed away 2001.
David Peterson.
Ernest Peterson, Radio sales manager.
Passed Away
Lanny Pike, Public Relations. Passed Away
Arlane Podeswa, Receptionist.
Deborah Quinlan.
Patty McEnroe Reno
, TV Promotion/Guest Relations. Now working in Farmington Public Schools
Bob Richmond, Business office.
Judy Bennet Riley, Secretary.
Christina Ripple.
Alan Robbins.
Barbara Fearon Rowley, Secretary. Passed Away
Mary Roy, Secretary. Passed Away
Ann Roy, Secretary.
Louise Russell, Traffic. Retired from USPS.
Dale Ryan, Secretary.
Nancy Prann Segee.
Grace Sapsuzian, Continuity. Passed away.
Bob Schlenker, Shipping & Receiving, Film editor.

Mary Serbek, Secretary. Passed Away.
Mary Ellen Shea, Secretary.
Donna Sinon.
Elise Sirman, Guest relations.

Nicholas Skripol, Producer. Passed Away

Woody Sloan, General Sales Manager-TV. Passed Away
Betty Taylor Smith.
Cheryl Smith, Secretary.
Joseph Smith, "Gofer".

Gil Stein, Graphic artist.
George Sulok,Carpenter. Passed away.
Jan Tarr, Secretary. Now an editor with White Publishing
Ursula Tetreault.
Andrew Toross.

Lorry Tubride, TV Promotion.

Joe Turkowski, Maintenance. Passed away.
Jean Manion VerPlanck, Secretary.
John Welch, Eng, Now retired.
Marjorie Stavola Wentworth, Traffic mgr. Retired in Windsor CT Passed Away.
Deborah White, Secretary. Now a school secretary
Dave Wilkinson, Radio program mgr. Now retired from Director of Public Broadcasting and
    Educational Telecommunications at Western Kentucky University.
Elijah Young. Now Dir. Public Affairs, WFBS TV3. Retired.
Ed Yurczak, Shipping & receiving. Passed away.

Donna ZIckwolf aka Amanda Flanery, Recorded Commercials, now retired military living in Seattle.


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