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Technicians/Producers made it work

These are the engineers, producers, and directors who made personalities look or sound good on the air. Names that show as links take you to remembrances.

Allan Allshouse, Projectionist/Film Editor. Now: consultant for media production and special events: Allshouse Production Services - West Suffield, CT
Ron Angelo, Radio Engineer. 1952-1954 - Ross Miller Show, Frank Atwood Show, Robert E. Smith.
Jim Aseltine, TV Director. Now ABC-TV New York. Passed Away
Stu Babcock, Supervisor of Technical Operations-TV.
Sam Balnius, Supervisor of Technical Operations-Radio,
Passed away
Bob Beaulac, TV Studio crew.
Roy Benjamin, TV Director. Passed away.
Bob Beyus, Video Engineer

Lynn Boscher, Photographer.
Ted Brassard, Engineer. Went to Voice of America in 1979. Retired in 1984,
Passed away. Obituary

Don Burkhart, Photographer. Retired

Frank Ciacchero, Projectionist.
Wilbur Clancy, Engineer.
Bob Coe, Engineer at WTIC pre-WWII, Went to WDRC where retired in the 1980s. Passed away

Steve Cohn, Radio Engineer. Now Engineer @ WHDH, Boston.
Bill Conticello, Asst. Chief Engineer, TV Operations..
Howard Corey, Transmitter Engineer.

Willis Davis, News Photographer

George Dawson, TV Studio Engineer. Passed away.
Edward Derry, TV construction and maintenance.
Passed away.
Bob Dobos, TV Engineer.
Len Doughty, Supervisor of Operations-Transmitter. Passed Away
Harold Dorschug, Vice President of Engineering R&D.
Passed away
Bob Downes. Steele's engineer.
Passed away
John Dwyer, TV studio crew. Passed away
Bob Dwyer, Photographer. Passed Away

Fred Edwards, Radio/TV Engineering. Passed Away.

Mike Fast, Chief Engineer. Now Dir. of Eng. WCBM, WVIE.
Ottavio Ferro, TV projectionist.
Charles Fitzgerald, TV Engineer. Passed away
Richard French, Radio Engineer, followed by VOA, now retired.
Mickey Gentile. TV engineer. Died about 10 years ago.
Ron Gates, News photographer.
Ed Gracyalny, TV Engineer. Now retired in Manchester CT.
Passed Away
Bill Grasty, Radio producer.
Gerald Haber, TV Projectionist. Passed Away
Herbert Hankin, TV Studio Engineer.
Brian Hartnett, Producer. Formerly Communications Director, Phoenix Home Life, Now Retired.

Herman Heinze, Cinematographer. Now in Oak Ridge TN.
Passed Away.
Lou Holcombe, TV Engineer. Now in Los Angeles CA.
Forrest (Baxie) Howell, Engineer. Retired early '70s, Passed away soon thereafter.
Dick Huntley, Production Manager-TV. Passed Away
Jeff Israel, TV Engineer. Now with ESPN Bristol CT.
Al Jackson, Chief Engineer-Radio. Passed away.

A.J. Janschewitz, Radio Engineer. (See also Personalities)
Nils Johnson, TV crew. Now Facilities Manager, CIGNA Communications Media.
Richard Johnson, Projectionist.  Now WPLG in Miami FL.
David Kaplan, Radio Engineer. Retired. Web Site
Norm Kiernan, Engineer pre-TV. Retired in mid-60s. Passed away at his NJ home in 1996.

Kolouch, William, Engineer. Passed Away

Dan Kriwitsky, Engineer and part-time Anncr, 1977-1980. Now in Florida.
Ed Kingsley, Engineering manager. Passed away in 1999.
George Kovacs, Engineer, Left WTIC in the 60s for NBC NYC, Passed away many years ago.
Bob Kulish, Projectionist. Passed away.
Tom Lang, TV Studio camera.
Harold Levine, TV Engineer.
Bill Lobb, Engineer. Designed the Syncron line of microphones, believed to be the first electret-condenser units in widespread use.

    When Bill Hennessey last saw him, he was a respected audio consultant.
Alastair MacDonald, Studio camera. Passed Away
William R. Marks, Radio production manager.
Passed away.
Owen Martin, Film editor.
Art Masthay, Transmitter Engineer, Passed Away
Joe Matczak, Transmitter Engineer. Passed away.
Dan McAuliffe, Producer-Director TV.
Ray McDonald , TV Engineer. Now retired in Maui HI.
Annie McHaffie, Traffic.
Marshall Milner, TV Studio camera. Passed away.
Don Moore, Director-TV. Now Composite Productions, Port Clyde ME.
Wayne Mulligan, Radio Engineer. Then Gen Mgr, Bulkley Broadcasting, WDRC. Now Retired.
Steve Myers, Chief Engineer who built studios on Grove St.
Passed away
Gennaro Nicassio, Director. Now retired in Placentia CA.
Dick Oeser, TV Chief Engineer.
Harry Parcell, TV Production Manager. Passed Away.
Fred Pearson, Radio Engineer. Now 
Mission Critical Infrastructure Manager 3 for the DHS/TSA.
Frank Pingree, radio engineer. Went to ESPN and added on-mike announcing.
John Pohorylo, TV Engineer. Now retired in Suffield CT.
Bob Pronovost, Director.
Darryl Randolph, TV crew.
Chuck Renaud, Radio producer.
John Reno, TV Chief Engineer. Telecommunications for Travelers. Passed Away
Charles Ripley, TV Engineer. Passed away
John Roache, TV Engineer.

Al Robbins, Film editor/projectionist
Mike Russell, Radio Engineer.
Passed away
Sherry Black Sanderson, TV Producer.

Tom Scanlan, Radio Engineer 1961-62. Was TV Broadcast Mgmt & Eng. Consultant. Passed Away
Randy Scalise, TV Engineer. Passed away
Bob Scherago, Radio Engineer. Retired from Voice of America.  Web Site

Robert Schlenker, Film & Video Editor. Bob was a film and video editor at ESPN and ABC’s 20/20 program. 

       He edited many of Barbara Walter’s, Geraldo Rivera’s pieces during his 20 year career at ABC. Passed Away

Harold Schnerr, TV Engineeer. Passed Away
Peter Shaw, TV Engineer.
Passed Away
Charles Sinatra, TV Engineer.
Kendall Smith, VP & TV Station Mgr. Went to CIGNA in 1976 as Director of Communications Services, retired 1988,
   passed away 1999.

Robert Spencer, Radio Transmitter Engineer, Passed Away 1994.

Dick Staley, TV Engineer. Now retired in Ormond Beach FL. Passed Away
Ed Stephens, Engineer.
Jim Stewart, TV producer. Now Director of Communications Media, CIGNA.
Justin Tarnowski, TV Engineer. Passed Away
Herman Taylor, Chief Engineer-Radio.
Benjamin Terry, Producer.
Anthony Valentino, TV Engineer. Now ESPN Tech Ops Spvr.
Edward Walsh, Producer-Director. Retired Neptune Beach FL. (Reportedly passed away)
Godfrey Walters, Cinematographer.
Jerry Weed, Film editor. Retired from ESPN. Passed Away

John Welch, Engineering Passed away
Raymond Wilson. Passed away Feb. 24, 1989.
Ben Zinkerman, Radio Engineer.
Dick Zwirko, Radio Engineer. Was Tech Support Supvr. Voice of America. Now Retired


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