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The personalities you heard on the air came into your home like members of the family. You trusted them and believed what they said. Then most moved on to other places, other careers. Here's what they're doing now. (Profile) is a link to a 1973 Wethersfield Post or other article about that person. Names that show as links take you to remembrances.

Richard Ahles, VP News. VP Public Affairs WFSB-TV3. Now retired in Riverton CT. (Courant OpEd)
Barbara Allan, Weather.  Now retired in Vernon CT.
Passed Away.
Ken Allen, Announcer. Then freelance.
Passed Away.
Ed Anderson, Announcer. Passed away
Orville Andrews, Ranger Andy on "The Ranger Station". Passed away.
Bob Arel, Announcer, color commentator with George Ehrlich. He went to WDBO, Orlando FL.
(Passed Away)

Frank Atwood, Announcer, Farm Show. Passed Away
Bob Bacon, pre-TV Staff Announcer who signed-off his music show with:  'This is Bob -- bringin' home the -- Bacon'. Passed away May, 2006.
Charles Bagley, Dir Travelers Weather Service. Passed Away

Dana Bate, Staff Announcer for FM, 1964-5, went to WQXR New York Passed Away
Phil Becker, Announcer/News reader.
Passed away.
Milt Barlow, Weather forecaster. Retired in about 1975 living in Newington CT. (Passed Away)
Dick Bertel, (Profile) Announcer. Retired from Voice of America.
John Birchard, Radio Producer. Now with VOA in News. Passed Away

Larry Blair, Announcer. Went on to full-time free lancing in NYC.

Joseph Blume. Lead an orchestra in the 1930's. Passed Away. Memories.
Yolanda Carerra, News.
Bill Clede, (Profile)  Outdoors.  Public relations. Now full time freelance writer since 1985. (Passed Away)

George Conklin, Announcer/Producer (Reminiscences)
Jean Colbert, Director of Women's Activities.
Passed away Newspaper Obituary
Joseph F. Crowley, News. Went with CT State Police as PIO then New Britain General Hospital. Retired in 1995 New Britain CT. Graduated from CT Culinary Institute's professional chef program so he now cooks and plays golf.
Brad Davis, (
Profile-1994) (Profile-2002) Announcer. Now morning man at WDRC Radio 1360.
Arnold Dean, (Wethersfield Post 03/01/1973) (Lifestyles in CT 03-04/2004) (CT Life 12/2006) (Htfd Courant 07/01/2007) (Cortland Standard 6/10/2008)
                   (CPTV Interview May, 2011)  Sports. Passed Away
Larrye deBear, Asst News Dir., Governor's Office. Now Real Estate in Old Lyme CT.
Walt Dibble, News Dir. Passed away.
Dewey Dow, News. Now retired account supervisor and freelance writer.
N. Thomas Eaton, VP News. 
Passed away
George Ehrlich, Sports Dir. Went to WINF Manchester where he did play-by-play for the Univ. of Hartford Hawks
   basketball team -- all of whom attended his funeral.
Passed away
Bob Ellsworth, Announcer. Passed Away
Ralph Eno, News. Now First Selectman in Lyme CT.

John Erikson, Travelers Weather Service Passed Away

William E. Flower, News. Retired CT Dept. of Corrections. Now touring in a RV.
Ken Garee, Weather forecaster.
Don Gorman, Radio news. Now newspaper publisher. Passed Away
Bill Hanson, Announcer. WKYU public radio.
Passed away
Bill Haskill, News. Now reporter Torrington Register Citizen.
Ben Hawthorne, Announcer. Passed away.
Bill Heard, News. Now in San Pedro CA.
Bill Hennessey, Announcer.  Now CT Corp. for Special Revenue.
Bill Henry, Announcer. Now at CT Public Radio. 

Phil Henry, News. Now Retired.
Paul Hayes, News.
Shorty Cook Hinderer, Downhomer.
Passed away
Chuck Hooker, News. Now in Daphne AL.
Dr. George Howe, Weather,
Passed away

A.J. Janschewitz, Announcer (See also Technical)
Art Johnson, Announcer, host "The Other Side of the Day". Passed away.
Lani Jurev, Announcer. Passed Away
Bruce Kern, Announcer, 6pm TV news anchor. Passed away December 21, 1977.
Robert Killian, News. Now Judge of Probate, Hartford;  Killian & Donohue LLC, Hartford.
Jean Tucker Kravsow, News.
Jim Knowles, News. Studied at UConn. Came to WTIC News in 1968 from the Willimantic Chronicle.
   Left to return to England around 1972.

Olivia Vanda (Thompson) Komp, Announcer on Mind Your Manners.

Jean Tucker Kravsow, News, Passed Away

Paul Kuntz, News Dir. Passed away.
John LaBella, Announcer.
Passed away
Lon Landis, Announcer. Now News Director at KCBS-FM.
Franz Laubert, Announcer. Now lives in CA.
John Lenhoff, Announcer. Passed away
Paul Lucas, Chief Announcer radio. Passed away.
Allen Ludden, came up through the ranks. Passed away.
Jim Macdonald, Weather. Retired in South Windsor CT.
Robert Maxwell, Harpist with studio orchestra 1939-40, Composed Broadcaster's Suite. Passed Away
Gerry (Slim Coxx) Miclette, Downhomer. 
Passed Away

Rocky (Rocky Coxx) Miclette, Jr., Downhomer Passed Away
Bill Mill, News. Retired to Martha's Vineyard. Passed Away
Betty Miller, Radio & TV.
Ross Miller, Vice President of Programming. 
Passed away.

Jan Miner, Radio. Passed Away
Bernard "Bunny" Mullins, Announcer before becoming management. Passed away.
Doye O'Dell. MC and played with "Hi Boys and their Radio Rangers". Passed away,
Lou Palmer (Puma), Announcer. Now in West Palm Beach FL.
Norm Peters (Polman), Announcer. Homes in Newington CT and South Florida Passed Away.

Jay Ray, Announcer/Guy Hedlund Players. Profile.
Dale R. Reynolds, News. Now Dir. Advertising, Central Region, Adelphia Media Services.
Ray Rice, Announcer. Left WTIC in 1967 for WNEW Radio News in New York City, then to NBC Network News. Left
   New  York to live on an Indiana farm in 1976. Came back to the media, at WISH-TV Indianapolis in 1980 as anchor
   and  reporter. Since 1989 Ray has done only feature reporting in a daily series called "Indiana's Own."
Web site
Floyd Richards, (
Profile) (2nd Profile)Announcer. Lives in Port St. Lucie FL and plays golf. (Remembrances) Passed Away

Tony Riggs, Announcer. Now news writer/reader with VOA.
Don Robertson, Announcer. Went to CBS NYC where he retired a few years ago. Believed to be in NC.
Rusty Rogers, Downhomer. Retired To New Harbor ME. Passed Away
Ronald Rolly, TV studio crew, on air with the Ron Rolly Puppets on "Hap Richard's Show". Mow Rolly Michaud Art
  Galleries, Boston, New York.
John Russo,  Weather forecaster. Now Just Restaurants business broker in Wethersfield CT.
Alan Sagal, News. Went to AAA.
Passed away
Tony Sargent, Announcer. Now retired in Annandale VA.
Tom Seem, News, CBS News Washington Bureau since 1988.
Stan Simon, News. Went to the Hartford Courant then sailed away on his boat for early retirement. He returned to
   newspaper work at the New London Day.
Dillon Smith, News 1967-69. Passed Away

Robert E. Smith, FM Music Director, Announcer (Robert E. Smith's Theater of Melody)
Bob Steele, (Profile) Announcer. Passed away Remembrance Roast
Fran Stern, News. Now Media Consultant
Web Site
John Stevens (Joe Bourret). Announcer.
Sid Stewart, News. Passed away.
Jim Strongin (Strong), Announcer 1949-51, 1953-55. Now retired in Hagerstown MD.
Paul Sutton, Announcer. Retired Weatherman. WGGB-TV40, Springfield MA. Passed Away
Sherm Tarr, News. Now freelance.
Al Terzi,
(Profile) Announcer. Went to Channel 8 for a while. Now back at Channel 3 as News Anchor.
Jim Thompson, Announcer. Now News Dir. WGCH Radio in Greenwich CT.

Michael Toscano, Announcer. Now freelance writer, narrator and TV producer.

Bill Turkington, Announcer. On-Air Personality KWXY-FM, Palm Springs, CA.
Bob Tyrol, (
Profile) Gen. Mgr. Named President Passed away Newspaper Obituary
Kenn Venit, (Profile 1), (Profile 2) News. Now pres. Kenn Venit & Associates, talent coaching and focus group research.
Fred Wade, Announcer. Passed away.
Doug Webster, (Profile) Announcer. Now Director of Public Relations, The California Maritme Academy, Vallejo, CA.
Dana Whalen, News. Now News Director, WTIC Radio.
Russ Wheeler (Blood), Announcer. Lives in Orlando FL doing freelance voiceover for Universal Studios.
Jerry Wilson, Weather. Retired and now a full-time sculptor, Wilbraham MA.
Ginny Wiltse, News. Now writer in Cincinnati OH.


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