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Shared by Paul McGuinness on Facebook:

Just discovered a classic photo as I was rummaging through my closet: my Dad Joe McGuinness and the WTIC morning legend Bob Steele at one of Bob's always entertaining egg cooking demonstrations. I attended one such event in a Food Mart in Middletown and was given the honor of fetching the eggs, butter and cottage cheese on aisle 10. The 3 main ingredients in Bob's' "eggs a la Steele." Yesssirrreee Bob. The year was 1984. I'm guessing but I believe Bob was in his early 70s. The most often asked question from the crowd was-"Hey Bob when are you going to retire.?" His stock answer was always "8:00 tonite." LOL Always remember Bob as a heck of a nice guy. He thanked me kindly for fetching the foodstuffs. No radio "ego airs" about him. Where's "Uncle Stainless" when you need Em.'

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