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Doye O'Dell with "Hi Boys and their Radio Rangers"

Doye O'Dell with the guitar / Edmund Leturmy to his right (our left!)

Doye O'Dell with the guitar / Edmund Leturmy on the right

"Hi Boys and Their Radio Rangers" was broadcast from WTIC on the NBC Red Network. "Hi Boys" was well known through its performances on radio and in motion pictures and recordings. The group played western or "hillbilly" music, and was considered to be a group of accomplished musicians playing instruments said to be worth thousands of dollars. Hi Boys featured two native Texans, Doye O'Dell and Max Raney, who played guitar and accordion, respectively, and acted as the group's masters-of-ceremony. Also in the group was Sleepy Hunter, musician-comedian, "Half-Pint" Flossie, who sang "heart-throb" songs, Frank Haggerty, known as "Fiddlin' Shorty", and Jane Conyne, a tap dancer. Their radio program originated daily at station WTIC, Hartford, Connecticut, and was broadcast across the country via the NBC Red Network.
Excerpted from Historic Patterson, NY.

Thanks to Stan Nawalaniec who provided the photos and said:
Doye O'Dell was a country western singer who was quite successful in California in the 40's and 50's (movies, TV show, records). Info about him is available on the internet. My grandfather Edmund Leturmy was in his band when these pictures were taken. My best guess is 1938.

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