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Courtesy of Fred Edwards' son Lee, we have some photographic memorabilia of Fred's time at WTIC (and before!)

If anyone can provide any further names for captions please contact

webmaster@wticalumni.com with the information!

1930 - High School Graduation Photo

1936 - Click here for Fred, Amateur Radio, and the Flood

1939 - Fred with the WTIC Car
Bill Hennessey thinks this looks like a 1947 Chrysler

1939 - The engineers as they appeared in a publication "WTIC Hartford, Connecticut - Radio Personalities"
Published by National Radio Personalities, Inc. Peoria, Illinois, 1939.

1939 - First WTIC Party on November 9th, 1939. 
Photo from the Travelers Beacon Magazine. 
1st Row (2 "single persons" bottom right) are Ruth Dixon and Fred Edwards. Ruth would become Mrs. Fred Edwards in 1942. Was this their blind date as noted in the next photo?
2nd Row: Al Jackson (Wearing hat and smoking pipe), to his right is "chubby Fred Wade, with his wife flanking him (a saxophone player in a band with whom Fred sang!). 

1942 - February -page from the Travelers Beacon says it all.

1943 - Two more photos from the Beacon.  Captions to the photos identify this as a recent "United States Coast Guard on Parade" broadcast.

1944 (Assumed) - At war.

1944 - Article from the Hartford Times, specific date unknown.
Reunion between Al Jackson and Fred Edwards.
In front of Buckingham Palace, prior to reassignments during WWII.

1945 - WTIC Christmas Party
Bottom: Fred Wade, Floyd Richards, RLS, Ross Miller, Ed Kingsley, Len Patricelli, Bruce Kern, Floyd Patee, Larry Kenfield, George Bowe;
Row 2: Inez Hansen, Marge Stavola, Laura Gaudet, Betty Taylor, Bill Coleman, Paul Lucas, Mary Howarth, Fred Edwards, Katie Mahoney, George Bowe ;
Row 3: Herman Taylor, ?, Dot Owens, Helen Listro, Peg Kershaw, Grace Sapuzian, Ida Burbank, Bob Downes, Gena Canastrari, Mary Chaponis, Jan Minor;
Top: Andre Schenker, Dick Westerkamp, Bunny Mullins, Pat Clancy, Bob King, Ernie Peterson, Charlie Fitzgerald, Paul Morency, Bud Rainey, Harry Bean, Tom Byrne, Jim Clancy, Irwin Cowper, Evelyn Ellison, Walter Johnson.

Katie Mahoney identified everyone but one in this photo. She says the question mark is Ruth Provan's replacement, later replaced by Jean Colbert.
First name may have been Margaret. ???? She also wasn't positive about the spelling of Canastrari. ????

January, 1952 Magnecord Brochure.
Click here for the full brochure.

President Eisenhower was at Trinity College on October 20, 1954
Here are some photos including Fred Edwards

1955 - Probably from the "Beacon"

1965 - Unknown reason for this photo other than it appears to be a technical display. 
Fred Edwards points out one of the items to (L-R) John Welch, Brian Hartnett, and Al Jackson.

From Bill Hennessey: The photo that shows Fred Edwards standing atop a vehicle in a railroad yard probably came from 1959.
The movie “It Happened To Jane” was filmed in Chester and Essex then, starring Doris Day, Jack Lemmon, and Ernie Kovacs.
WTIC-TV/3 even shared a scene in it, if I recall correctly.  Fred was probably photographed during set-up activities.

Some part of "It Happened to Jane" was shot in Plainfield CT, where Tom Dinella was living at the time.
Sometime in the past, he picked up the DVD and grabbed two frames with Fred and the TV truck in them for the collection.

From 1970, this is one of Lee Edwards'  most treasured possessions commemorating his dad's 40th anniversary at WTIC. 
This wonderful sketch was done by John Lanzieri, showing his dad giving instructions to the engineers regarding caring for the new TV mobile truck, or else!
He doesn't remember who the others are supposed to be in this sketch.  He does know one is Dick Oeser. 
Help him out identifying the rest of his crew, please!

1979 -Fred's obituary from the Manchester Journal Inquirer.  He passed on October 10th. 
Fred's daughter's name was wrong in the write-up.  It's Marian, not Miriam.

1979 - Fred's obituary as reported by the Manchester Evening Herald. 
Same misspelling of his daughter's name. 

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