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The Old Broadcaster's Club
By: Catie Talarski
Published: 10/30/2009 @ www.wnpr.org

This month, Connecticut lost one of it's most prominent broadcasting voices. Bob Ellsworth was a presence in TV and radio in the state since the mid 50s - and was the first man to anchor the 11 O'Clock news on Channel three. Ellsworth was one of a generation of broadcasters that fondly remembers the "good old days". Many of them still get together the last Monday of every month. WNPR's Catie Talarski took a trip down memory lane with a "Bunch of Old Broadcasters".

 "Boobs Interview"

16 B.O.O.B.s showed up for the Bob Ellsworth Memorial Night. (Captions courtesy of Bill Hennessey)


                                            Tom Ford ex-WBIS, WRCQ, WHNB-TV/30, and WDRC.                                                      Frank Donovan
                             Lee P. Steele (no relation to Bob), chief engineer at numerous radio stations.
                                                                          Bill Hennesey


                                               Phil Callan ex-WMMW, WRCQ, WDRC, and WJMJ                                                       Barry Grant, ex-WDRC


                                               Enzo DeDominicis, former owner of WRCH-WRCQ                                                        Lee Gordon, former WPOP

Courtesy of and Copyright cpbn.org, 2009. Thanks to Catie Talarski for making this available. 


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