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Images from the 1939 station souvenir booklet.

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Fred Wade

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George Bowe

bernard1.jpg (16668 bytes)

Bernard Mullins

rlsbk1.jpg (33207 bytes)

"Not how they look, but how they feel at sign-on time! Bob Steele and Bunny Mullins, who alternate on the "slow-death" wake-up assignment reveal their innermost reactions in this pose."

master1.jpg (23741 bytes)

"...further amplification and measuring is done in the Master Control Room. Again volume is checked and more power is provided to send the program ten miles to...." (Dave Wilkinson thinks the engineer might be Forrest Howell.)

avonmtn1.jpg (10850 bytes)

"...the WTIC transmitter on Avon Mountain, 650 feet above sea-level.The program reaches here by wires both above and below ground. One transmission tower may be seen behind the building...."

xmter1.jpg (21984 bytes)

"...the Transmitter Room where 250,000 watts of energy meet the sound impulses of the program in the transmitter in front of the desk, and dwindle to 50,000 watts carrying the sound into the towers where it is radiated for hundreds of miles to receiving sets. All in a split-second."


brucek1.jpg (24234 bytes)

Bruce Kern

benhaw2.jpg (13774 bytes)

"The Fox 'Morning Watch' with Ben Hawthorne and "Bessie Bossie, " now starting its fifth consecutive year for 'America's most modern Department Store,' (G. Fox & Co) a merry program at your service each weekday morning 7-8 o'clock with Fox news, world-headlines, fun and frolic to set you up for the entire day!"

benhaw3.jpg (15937 bytes)

"Can it be THE 'Bessie Bossie,' or merely a 'country cousin?' Yaaa, we ain't gonna tell...but our studios are six flights up, so you figure it out. And by the way - 'Bessie' is now the heroine of a book just published...written by Ben, of course. Illustrated by Hollis C. Booth."

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions


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