Comments by Stan Simon:

...this is a full-page ad in the February 23, 1963 issue of the trade journal "Broadcasting" promoting WTIC-TV for its  civic-mindedness. It cites a documentary I produced and narrated about a little-known, over-the-counter cough medicine that youngsters were becoming addicted to. ... It shows me interviewing a shadow representing a drug addict. Many WTIC alumni will immediately recognize the shadow in the ad as the  profile of photographer Bob Dwyer, though the program used a similar setup and the shadow of a real addict.

That show was one of two I produced and narrated for WTIC-TV in those days of 16 mm, optical sound. Videotape came shortly afterward, with its 2"-wide tape and a $250,000 wall-sized console. (That started a long-running argument between the late Dick Heinz and me about whether videotape would ever replace film, with me arguing for videotape.)