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L-R: Announcer George Bowe; Miss Mary Alexander, secretary; John Murphy, night man in charge of information; Telephone Operator Mrs. Annette Stevens; Operator Eddie Kingsley; Business Manager James F. Clancy; Operator Carl Noyes; and Production Manager Paul Lucas. This scene, taken in the studios, shows several staff members making up flood bulletins and announcements by gasoline and oil lamps, flashlights and candles, the only available forms of illumination.


Bob Miner worked fast and furious in the control room.



Officers Walter Clemens, Mathew Conners, Paul Beckwith








This flood photo is from a different source than the others...the 1939 station booklet. The caption is "High wind, high water! Ben Hawthorne describes a Connecticut flood scene to the nation via WTIC-NBC hookup from the top of the Traveler's Tower."




Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions



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