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Pictures are courtesy of Leonard Arzoomanian who writes:

Years ago I purchased a UV857 tube from an older gentleman (can’t remember his name) that he had on display in his collection.  The card affixed to the tube (which I still have) claims it was removed from service on August 17th 1933 from WTIC.  Also that is was one of six of these tubes used in the rectifier circuit to produce 18,000 volts for the final stage of the transmitter.  It says the price of the tube at the time was $395.
I just came across your website and thought you might be interested to know that this tube survived all these years.  I collect radios, specializing in Rhode Island made sets, mostly from the 1920’s and even though this tube is not from Rhode Island it has been a prized part of my collection for about 30 years.

Thanks, Leonard.

Here is the card that came with the tube:

Here is a link to the new card Leonard created for the tube in his collection.
This includes a picture of the tubes in the transmitter!

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