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This plaque was placed near the door of the WTIC/WFSB transmitter building up on Deercliff Rd a while ago. After the passing of long-time WFSB transmitter engineer Dave Patterson, Victor Zarrilli at WFSB had the plaque and light created and installed, but it is meant to recognize and commemorate ALL of the engineers who have worked at the site over the last 85+ years.

Former Chief Engineer Jeff Hugabonne informed us:

The light is powered by a special circuit that was run so as to be backed up by multiple generators that now stand sentinel at the site.

So as long as the Avon facility is alive so to speak with electrical power, so will that light that honors those that came before continue to shine

Credit for its installation goes to Victor, who cared enough to direct the funds and time to make it happen. 

"It was an inspirational reminder to walk past it each day on my way in to continue caring for those signals that so many who have come before dedicated their lives and careers."

Photos Courtesy of John Ramsey.


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