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NATRFD Slates Meeting for Washington June 19 - 22

Summer meeting of the National Association of Television-Radio Farm Directors will be held June 19 - 22 in Washington.  The meeting will include sessions at the Department of Agriculture, tours and a visit with President Eisenhower at the White House.

Registration and get-acquainted ceremonies are scheduled for the opening day, with business sessions starting Monday, June 20.  Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson and other department officials will meet with the farm directors.  The afternoon agenda includes meetings with heads of farm organizations along with farm broadcasters and newsmen.

The group will meet June 21 with Senate and House Agriculture committees, going next to the White House.  A Potomac cruise is scheduled in the afternoon.  Secretary of State John Foster Dulles will address the delegates at a breakfast meeting on the final day.  The program ends with a trip to the Beltsville (Md.) Experiment Station.  Frank Atwood, WTIC Hartford, is NATRFD president.

It looks to Doug as if they're standing on the south side of the West Wing of the White House just outside the Oval Office with the Old Executive Office Building looming behind them.

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