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Bottom: Fred Wade, Floyd Richards, RLS, Ross Miller, Ed Kingsley, Len Patricelli, Bruce Kern, Floyd Patee, Larry Kenfield;
Row 2: Inez Hansen, Marge Stavola, Laura Gaudet, Betty Taylor, Bill Coleman, Paul Lucas, Mary Howarth, Fred Edwards, Katie Mahoney, George Bowe ;
Row 3: Herman Taylor, Margaret Thomas, Dot Owens, Helen Listro, Peg Kershaw, Grace Sapuzian, Ida Burbank, Bob Downes, Gena Canestrari, Mary Chaponis, Jan Minor;
Top: Andre Schenker, Dick Westerkamp, Bunny Mullins, Pat Clancy, Bob King, Ernie Peterson, Charlie Fitzgerald, Paul Morency, Bud Rainey, Harry Bean, Tom Byrne,
       Jim Clancy, Irwin Cowper, Evelyn Ellison, Walter Johnson.

Photo courtesy of the new book "Bob Steele's Century" by Phil Steele.


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