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Courtesy of Tim Welch we have the following from a 78 RPM record cut at the WTIC studios:

Side 1:
The Indianopolis 500 Announced by Bob Steele and featuring the following racers:
Dynamite Kern, Crazy Horse Tyrol, Fearless Bob Steele, Fred Cannonball Edwards, Sid Cyclone Stewart, and Al Jackson in his Rocket Car.

Side 2:
If I Had My Life to Live Over
by Bob Eberle according to Dick Bertel.

Dick adds his guess: In order to protect the Bob Steele side from handling and damage, an engineer decided to “fill up” the other side so that nobody would be tempted to use the disc to record on in the future.
It serves one purpose, however.  It helps us to date the Bob Steele recording as having been made in 1947.

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